Pagliarese has inaugurated a new season with its Chianti Classico 2015, a wine whose return to life has been greeted enthusiastically by its legion of admirers, who have expressed their appreciation for this respectful return of a classic wine, and, even more, of a wine whose character expresses to the fullest the qualities of such a famed denomination.
This is a Chianti Classico that truly showcases the characteristics classic to the vineyards that yielded it. Its aromas are refined, elegant, and fruit-rich, in particular with wild berry fruit, together with lively impressions of spice. On the palate, the fruit continues, bolstered by fine-grained tannins, lingering into a lengthy finish.

Traditional vinification was in this instance combined with the felicitous decision to complement the sangiovese with two other native local grapes, canaiolo and mammolo, which contribute to the smoothness and elegance of this Chianti Classico, a worthy heir of the Pagliarese tradition.